Saturday, February 25, 2006

So, I've been really busy. I'm only part time at work, so I usually have more time off. This past week I was scheduled for only 24 hours, I ended up working almost fifty. Seems like everyone's been sick lately. I've been taking my airborne, so I seem to be okay so far.
last time I did have a day off, Nate and I added a bunch of stuff to our wedding registry. We are registered at Pottery Barn and at Pier One. Only problem I have is that one of our bathrooms is black and white, and neither of those stores have black towels. So if someone wants to get us black towels, that would be fabulous.
So, My aunt sent us a set of china. Really nice, and it matches our stuff (our kitchen is red). So , now we actually have some dishes for entertaining. When we get out to vegas we'll have to have people over for dinner or something.
We also got a shirt for Nate to wear to the wedding. It is awesome. Got it from the Hilo Hattie store. It's like a nice white on white hawaiian shirt. Nate will wear it with black pants. Now we just need to find a black and white hawaiian shirt for Marcus (the best man) to wear.

I saw a really good movie last night.

It was awesome, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy or really visual films. The whole film gave the impression that it took place inside an abstract painting. So surreal.

If no one calls in sick, I should have the day off tomorrow. Lots of cleaning to do, and Nate and I are already starting to think about packing for the move to Vegas. We should be meeting with our real estate agent next week to put the condo on the market.
that's about it. Time to walk the dogs and go to bed.

Sweet Dreams everyone!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nothing to say. SO check out a pic.

Anyway. I joined since Nate and I collect tiki stuff.

Come see my collection on Ooga-Mooga

Sunday, February 05, 2006

I have a secret.

I am completely addicted to Post Secret.

it is updated every sunday. SO every sunday what do I do? I read other people's secrets. It fascinates me. I have been checking this website on a weekly basis for over a year now. I have never sent in a secret of my own, I've never had anything that interesting to say. SO, I just read other people's secrets. People send in homemade postcards that are anonymously posted. I'm wierd I know. SOme people read tabloids, I read postcards.

Such as

Go check it out at

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vegas Baby!

So, Nate and I have been discussing this for awhile, and we have finally decided. We are moving to Vegas. Not immediately. But sometime this year (probably this summer) we will be heading west. While I am not thrilled with the idea of moving away from my family and friends, it is the best thing to do financially. Work here is very slow, and there isn't really any hope of it ever improving. Vegas would provide us with so much more opportunity. Before we can go though, we need to have our wedding in May and sell our condo.

That's about it. Time to sleep now, I have to work in the morning.
Sweet Dreams everyone.