Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Hey, I put some new pics up from tour.

Check them out at

Springfield, MA...Happy New Year! Ok So, today is my only day off this week (we have load in tomorrow). We got here last night, and there is a Hooters across the street so we went over there for dinner. Hotters girls in this town are completely flat chested, it is a little wierd. Anyway, tonite is the New Year's Eve party. The hotel is doing open bar for one hour. I don't think they realize just how much roadies can drink. Oh Well. Not much to say, next week is Hartford. This weekend we have a sixpack, which sucks. (For those of you who don't know what a six pack is, it means that we have 3 shows on Sat, three shows on Sunday, and then load out following the last Sunday show. ) It sucks. Oh well. I am gonna go. I need to get some dinner before I get ready for the party. This week I am rooming with OJ, our pyro guy. He doesn't snore, and that is really my only request for a rooommate. Happy New Year everybody!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Bridgeport, CT...Back to work. Not much to say really. Took the ferry over, checked in to the hotel (we have a fridge and microwave this week, plus free high speed internet access). Rooming with Adrian this week. TShirt doesn't come down till Thursday, but he is driving, so luckily he will have a car for the next few weeks. Which means I will have someone to drive me around :)
Anyway, got to get some dinner before I go unload trucks.
Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 21, 2003

Long Island, NY...Well, I am at Tiffany's House. I have spent the weekend out here with her and Josh. I saw my dad on Friday. Really just been hanging out. Went out to dinner at three village inn. Got my nails done. Did some shopping. Tomorrow I need to pack, I leave on Tuesday to go back to work. It is wierd, it is good to be home, but I kind of miss work. I am not used to having this much free time. I am getting restless not being on tour. Oh well. Amy sent me the DVD of "Spinal Tap" for Xmas tho, so that is awesome. And my aunt gave me an american express gift certificate, and that is always good since it is good almost anywhere while I am on tour. Anyway, Got to go, Josh wants to go drink, and know one should drink alone. Merry Xmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Solstice, and if I missed any holidays, Happy Whatever!

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Long Island, NY...Home sweet home. Well, not really MY home, but my grandparents home, so close enough. I have the week off. So I am just hanging out here. Probably going to see Tiffany and Josh this weekend. May go to lunch with some friends in the city. My dad says he is going to try and bring the kids over (but since I haven't seen them in 5 years, I will believe that when I see it). Anyway. Finally got most of my xmas shopping done. Have gotton all the gifts for my family, but I still have some friends to get gifts for. TShirt called me and asked me what I wanted. I figure any gift is better then NO gift (he didn't get me a birthday present). Boys suck. HaHa just kidding. Anyway, I told TShirt to "Be Creative" cuz that's what he told me a couple weeks ago when I asked him what he wanted. It is so difficult this time of year when you are dating someone. With anyone else, I have a list of things that I want (DVD's, computer stuff, gift certificates) but all that seems to impersonnal to tell him to get me. Plus, what do I get him? You don't want to get something that is too impersonnal, but then I also don't want to gedt something that is too extravagent (I don't know how to spell...sorry). We haven't been together long enough to get anything too serious, but then we practically live together on tour, so a DVD just seems lame. Oh Well. Nate says to get him something for his truck. That would just encourage TShirt to spen EVEN MORE time with the truck and EVEN LESS time with me. Anyway. I got a digital camera as an early xmas present from my grandparents. Thought about emailing a risque photo to Tshirt, but taking a picture of myself seems like it would be a little complicated (sorry sweetie!) Tommorrow is Cara's birthday, and I don't even knoiw how old she is turning since it has been so long since I have seen her. My own sister. It was also MeMe's birthday, so we are going out to the cemetary to leave some flowers. Anyway. GTG. Joyce (my grandmother) wants me to go eat some ice cream with her. You know, I lost like 60 lbs in the past year and a half, but if I spend too much time in this house, I will gain it all back.

Monday, December 08, 2003

Rockford, Illinois...Well last week we were in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not bad. I had good locals (they even brought me food between shows). There was a british pub down the street, so we spent a lot of time there. We also went to the Mall of America. Didn't really do much for my birthday. But, I am a quater of a century old and I am still getting carded for rated R movies. Only five years till thirty. Scary.
Anyway, We are in Rockford now. Don't open till thursday. So luckily I have tomorrow off to get some Xmas shopping done. Oh, and speaking of xmas, my mom sent me my old barbie doll christmas tree, so now me and TShirt's room has the holiday spirit.
Also, I just watched HBO's "Angels in America:Millenium Approaches" (based on Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play). Wow. So good. I highly reccomend seeing it. Al Pacino is awesome. I can't wait to see the next part of it (the movie, like the play, is being shown in two parts).