Sunday, October 22, 2006

As soon as we sell the condo, I am getting a new tattoo. Nate wants to get another one as well, but I don't think he will. Everything he has planned is huge ornate pieces that will be extremely expensive. Mine are all small and relatively affordable.
San Diego, CA to Oakland, CA...512 miles

Nate and I did this drive by ourselves. We had a day off, so we just spread the drive out, making stops along the way. Stopped in LA for lunch. Drove the scenic route (101) rather than the inland route. Even stopped at beach just north of Pismo to let the dogs play. Nani loved the ocean. She would run out to the edge of the water, than run away when the waves came in, back and forth.

Here are the pics from this drive.

So here's our trip so far.

We're in San Jose, CA this week. No pics from the trip (it was only 35 miles from Oakland, and we drove it at 4 am). A couple from concessions just got a truck & trailer, so now we can caravan on the drives. They also have two pugs, so our dogs have playmates.

I'll try and post San Francisco pics tomorrow. We took the train over to SF from Oakland on our day off.

Got to make dinner now.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Wichita, KS to San Diego, CA...1515.27 miles

TShirt, one of the skaters on our show, drove with us to San Diego. SInce Nate and I had to do load out, TShirt drove the first stretch of the drive while Nate and I slept. We drove through New Mexico and Arizona, it was a beautiful drive.

Here are pics.

San Diego was good. I wish we'd had a day off, but the long drive ate that right up. I would like to go back sometime when I'm not working.
Ok, so I'm going back a few weeks with this, but I am way behind.

Miami, FL to Wichita, KS...1635.07

Amy drove with us to Wichita.

Here are pics.

First, we went grocery shopping in Miami to stock up on the trip.

We found awesome italian ices for the dogs.

They loved them.

Then we picked up Amy.

We drove through seven states.

Caesar peed on the Georgia sign.

We took turns sleeping through most of the other states.

That's about it for Wichita. Wrestling played the arena the night before us. THere was a gun show next door. Not much there. THere was a really cool fast food place called Spangles that AMy introduced us to. We ate there many times throughout the week.

I will update more pics and stuff tonight if I can. But tomorrow we have three shows, then load out, then the drive to the next city.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I have a bunch of pictures to post, but I don't have any time.

So, go read Amy's blog. She posted pics from our drive to Wichita.

Currently, I'm in San Diego. The weather is beautiful, there is an In n' Out burger next door.

Too bad we don't get a day off.