Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Miami, FL..Went to the hospital today. My arm isn't broken, I just have a contusion. So basically, I just bruised the bone really bad, so all I have to do is wear a sling for a while and it will be okay. Anyway, last nite was opening night party. We had the party on a boat. With free food and lots of alchohal. It was fun. Except TShirt deciding in the middle of the party to tell me he doesnt want to date me anymore. Whatever. I did slap him though (I was drunk). He deserved it. We only dated like 3 weeks or so, so it is no big deal. Anyway. I am gonna go to the bar. Bye

Monday, September 29, 2003

Miami, Fl...I GOT MY PHONE!!!! But, I can't call anyone, cause all the numbers are in my phone book that is in my crate at work. So, I won't be calling anyone. Oh Well. So we are in Miami this week, I am rooming with Jason the sound assistant. Tonite we are having our opening night party. I t is on a cruise or something. Oh, and we cut an hour off loadout so that was cool. Anyway, I got to go, I busted my arm last night at loadout and it hurts when I type. Bye All. Just Giv'er.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Ft.Lauderdale, FL...I am sooo glad rehearsals are over. I have been working 18 hour days for the past two weeks straight. Plus, my cell phone died and verizon sent me the wrong pohne, so until they send me the right one, I am without a phone. Aughhhh! I just want to be in Miami. Next week. I have Monday off, and TShirt is renting a car next week. So at least I will finally have a day off to relax and have fun. Altho, getting seventh day pay two weeks in a row will be nice. Anyway, I got to go to work and figure out why half our bubble machines aren't working.
Oh well. Later.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Boys are weird.
Anyway, I finally got a day off work. Friday night I went to the martini bar with T-Shirt and Brian. Then, Saturday there was a bar-b-q at work, then lots of drinking at Wet Willy's. So, if I had been smart, I would have slept all day Sunday when I had the day off. But no, I am stupid, and laid out by the pool with a bunch of the skaters. So, Oh well. I have to go back to work tonite.
Oh, and boys are weird, but I am not ready to elaborate on that subject online yet. They are just very strange how. At work they are cool and laidback, then when you are alone with them they get all clingy and "I really like you" and they try to cuddle and shit. I am just like, what happened to the funny guy I am friends with? Why do you suddenly have to be all girly? And they expect me to be all girly, and I am so not that type of girl. Oh Well.
The rumor mill at work is pissing me off. I left the bar with one of my coworkers the other night, cause I was not going to walk back to the hotel by myself late at night and we both happen to be leaving at the same time, but everyone now thinks I slept with this guy. I wouldnt mind so much if I actually had hooked up with him, but the fact is, nothing happened. Even when I am not getting laid, people think I am. Oh well.
Boys are weird.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Still in St.Pete, but we did change hotels; so I am in the Hilton now. I saw Monster's Inc. it was good. There were a few problems, but it was pyro and stuff that no audiance would ever notice. Stayed the night in Lakeland to hang with the Moster's people. Then went back to StPete to work on no sleep. Oh Well. Who needs sleep? I will get plenty of sleep when I am dead. I need to update the pics on my photo album , but I don't know when I will ever have the time. Oh Well. Went in the hot tub last night, we all got drank around the pool. I look like a battered wife though, because I have so many damn bruises on me. I don't know whether they came from work or something else tho (M? maybe). Anyway, now I am going out to see Freddy vs. Jason. Bye All. Just Giv'r.