Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well, the red sox won the series. (Mark, wipe that grin off your face!) Good for them. They played some great games. And it has been like 80 years or so since they have done this. But next year, it's go time. Yankees will take them down.
I got a haircut yesterday, just below my shoulders. And I dyed my hair back to dark brown (have to look normal for jobs and stuff, how boring).But anyway, I had another job interview at that theme park with the Rat. Two down only one more to go. I have to go back next week for my third interview (this sure is a long process). Not sure how I am going to get there, but I will find a way (if any of you central florida folks don't have plans tuesday and want to volunteer to drive me it would be much appreciated).
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday (unless you are planning on voting for Bush, in which case forget it if you want). I am planning on voting early, since I had to reregister in a new county since I moved and I want to go early in case there are any problems.
Oh well, I need to go. I am actually going to be a goodgirlfriend for a change and do the dishes before Nate gets home from work. He cooks, I clean. That is the deal (and that way nobody ends up with food poisoning). Bye everyone. Oh and I took pictures at work, so I will post them when I get the chance for those of you who can't make it to Halloween Horror Nights.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

So, as Mark and Nate and Scott and Tanya and everyone else I know from the Boston area keep reminding me, the Red Sox won. Now I am a Yankee fan, have been my whole life, and thus I despise the Sox. It totally sucks that New York lost. However, I now have a newfound respect for the Red Sox. While I still love the Yankees (and thus hate Boston), the Sox were amazing. That comeback was incredible. I am just glad the pennant race is now over and maybe I can get some sleep. Great games, but way too many extra innings. And as for you Mark (and everyone else), they may have won this time, but Babe's curse is still on the Red Sox, so the World Series? Ha, fat chance. Yankees will be back next season with a vengance.
On a lighter note, tonight Mom and I went to see "Measure for Measure" at Orlando Shakespeare Festival. It was very good. I recommend seeing it to any of you in the area with the time. While I prefer the Bard's tragedies to his comedies, the production was quite good. The actress playing Isabella was wonderful, and Tim Williams (who I worked with on "Much Ado...") was hilarious as Lucio. Plus, who doesn't love seeing actresses billed as "Whore 1" and "Whore 2" in the program. Especially when said "Whores" come give lapdances to the elderly gentlemen in the audience. HaHa. Mom and I have season tickets to the festival and I look foward to seeing many wonderful productions in the future.
Anyway, tomorrow starts another crazy weekend at work (I swear, they should rename it "Halloween Drunk Nights" judging by our audiences. Although the laughs do get better throughout the night as the crowd gets more intoxicated.)

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Congratulations Marcus and Michelle on your new baby!
So, Nate is now a godfather. Lil' Nate (Nathan Robert) was welcomed into the world on Friday October 15 at 5:30pm weighing in at 8lbs. 7oz. Hopefully Nate and I will be able to make it up to Tennessee to visit his namesake soon.

Anyway, nothing much else going on down here. Nate and I are considering looking at other apartments so when our lease here is up we can move. Not that we don't like this apartment, it's great, but it doesn't allow pets and we want to get a dog. My mom is a cat person so I have never had a puppy, all we had were cats when I was growing up. Frisky (my cat) still lives at my mom's house. But now I want a pet who will be thrilled to see me when I get home and who I can take for walks and play with. All my cat ever does is sleep and look at me with that superior feline look.
Nate started his new job. It seems to be going really well. He likes what he does, and he gets overtime and medical coverage and all that other good stuff. If only I could be so lucky. I love my job (who doesn't like to blow stuff up?) But I don't get any benefits. However I do have an interview next week with the OTHER big theme park in town (you know, the one with the Rat). I have already had one interview that went really well, so hopefully this one will too.
I have alot of friends who are looking foward to the Last Star Wars movie coming out next year. And while I intend to go see the movie, I am looking foward to seeing the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" film a whole lot more. It comes out only a week or two before Star Wars, but it has more going for it in my book. Mainly being a cast including John Malkovitch, Sam Rockwell, and Warwick Davis (you know, from Willow) as Marvin. Can't picture Mos Def as Ford Prefect, but should be interesting nonetheless.
Goodnight everybody! Sweet dreams.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Stole this from Chas' Blog

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Everyone reading my blog go to the Breast Cancer Site and click to fund free mammograms, for the month of October, your clicks are doubled.

I went and saw 12 Monkeys on Sunday. I know the movie is old, but for some unknown reason, City Walk was showing a midnight showing of it (they are showing it again on thursday if any of you missed it). Other than that, all I have been doing is working. Halloween Horror Nights has begun, so we are doing seven shows a night. The later shows always do better (drunk people laugh more). Also, I dyed my hair red. Figured that since I work for Universal now instead of Disney I should take advantage of the freedoms.

Anyway, it is getting late and tomorrow is my last day off this week, so lots to do.