Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Here's an update for the last week or so.

We went to the new Will's Pub for the Slacktone show. Slacktone were amazing live. FOr those of you not familiar with the band, they are an instrumental surf rock group from California. The new Will's Pub is alright, but I still miss the old location. I spent so much time there in my younger days. Deroot, the Delusionaires, I've just seen so many local bands there. But, at least when they had to close, they found a new location.

We also went to Nude Nite. Get your minds out of the gutter people! It is an art showing at a warehouse downtown. Very interesting. There was an amazing piece about breast cancer, and some of the multimedia was really good.

Also saw Coraline. Which was fun since Hubby had never been to a 3D movie. Mom went also.

Mom got 2nd place in her Careereoki contest. And she's on CNN.com Just search the videos for "singing for jobs".

We cleaned out all the rocks and stuff outside (and bought new ones with our Home Depot gift card...Thanks Aunt Dianne & Uncle John). Now we just need to decide on plants.

Plans for this week include:
Painting our bedroom "green tea".
Having my brother, Erik, over for dinner.
Going to IKEA to buy new curtains for the kitchen. (fabric actually to make curtains, since I can't find ones I like anywhere)

Guess thats about all for now. Off to bed.
Sweet dreams everyone!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Congrats to my little sister, Cara. Her squad got 9th in the nation at the Cheerleading Competition.

Now, I got to go get ready for the SLACKTONE show. I'll try to take some pics if I get the chance.
I promised pics, so here they are.

This is my hubby with my dad and my two brothers.

Me & hubby at the Rock n Roller Coaster.

Mr. Potato Head in the Midway Madness Que Line.

THe youngest (Aron) & the oldest (me) siblings.

Aron & Dad on Midway Madness. Looking so stylish in their 3-D glasses.

Lights, Motors, Action!

And then the whole reason we were there, to see my sister in her Cheerleading competition. She made the semi-finals. THen today she has the finals (which will air on ESPN) when I know how she did, I'll let you all know.

Cara's the one on the top, farthest to the right.

THats all for now. GTG to work. THen tonight, SLACKTONE at Will's Pub.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I'm a slacker and I haven't updated in a long time. Sorry.

I promise an update soon. But right now I am VERY tired. We spent the day at Disney Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM) for my sister's cheerleading competition. She competed at 8:30 am. THen after riding a few rides, we learned she made the semi-finals, which weren't until 8pm. It was a very long day.

I am going to bed. But I will post pics soon.