Saturday, June 26, 2004

Just got back from surfing. A bunch of us spent the last week in Montanita, Ecuador at Casa del Sol taking surfing lessons. Also got to go whale watching and hiking and all sorts of other fun stuff. Although, I didn't learn to surf so much as fall, but I am so unathletic. Everyone else did really good though. We did have one person get stung by a sting ray, but after a few days he was fine. I took lots of pictures, but this hotel in Quito sucks and I can't put them up yet. Anyway, I need to go to the grocery store (I hate grocery shopping here since I don't know enough spanish) Oh well. Later.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well, we are finally in Quito, Ecuador...we got stuck in ElSalvadore for an extra week. But they did move us to an different hotel. It was on the beach and and we stayed in these little villas. Plus, you could rent golf carts. But they probably expected us to drive around on the golf course, not go off roading and mudding. We killed the golf carts, but it was fun. They will probably never rent to "gringos" again. Anyway, we are now in Quito. We have full kitchens and laundry in our rooms, so that is cool. And sunday we leave for a week of surfing lessons and salsa lessons, whale watching, and all sorts of touristy stuff. Anyway, there is a huge line behind me to use the computer, but I will write more when I can.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Pictures are up from Guatemala! Just click Here or the link at the top of this page that says Central America Tour.

Monday, June 07, 2004

San Salvadore, El Salvadore...Well we should be leave here on thursday (we have load out tuesday night after the show). Then we go to Quito, Ecuador. Nate and I decided to take surfing lessons on our time off, it started out being just the two of us, and now it is a huge group interested and I somehow ended up in charge of planning everything. I hate being in charge. But, I am gonna learn to surf, so that should be cool. After a few weeks off, we have shows in Quito then we have shows in Guayquil, Ecuador. Don't know yet when we are gonna be done and able to go home. Should be either July 20 or 27th depending on when our last performance is. Oh well. Once I get home I got to find a job and a place to live, so I am in no hurry. Although, Nate wants to get a dog once we find jobs and a home, so that should be cool. Never had a dog before, my mom and I always had cats. Anyway, everybody go see the movie FARENHEIT 9/11 when it comes out (I am hoping I will still be able to find it in a theatre at home when I come back to the states).
Anyway, got to go now. I am hungry. El Salvadore is practically the US. They use American money, have burger king, and kentucky fried chicken. Only difference is the language. But otherwise, it is basically America in spanish, with alot of rain, and no air conditioning.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

San Salvadore, El Salvadore...Well, haven't really seen much. Since we got in late last night, and had load-in all day today. The money is the same here. American money, and the only place I have been is Burger King where everything was the same. Just in Spanish. Next week sometime we go to Quito, Ecuador. Then we get almost three weeks off, so then I will have time to do all the touristy stuff.
Anyway, Guatemala was good. My locals weren't bad considering most of them had never run a spotlight before. My translator, Romeo, was awesome. So the show went pretty smoothly, even though I had to call cues in english then have them translated over headset. Loadout in Guatemala sucked. It was 11 hours, our longest ever. But we still beat the last Disney on Ice show that was there (it had a 15hour loadout). Turcks just took way to long cuz we could only load one at a time, and everything had to go down a ramp and out a long tunnel to get outside. But this week should go better. And we only have one show on the day of loadout, which is better then last week with six shows and load out in only 2days.
I need some sleep, I have lobby call for work at 7:30 in the morning. Bye.