Saturday, January 19, 2008

We saw Jubilee at Bally's. Classic vegas sort of show. Lots of sequins and rhinestones, topless showgirls wearing feathered headdresses, lounge singers, etc.
Cheezy but fun.

No pics allowed at the show, but here are Nate and Kris with the showgirl cups they got at the show.

Hopefully, we will make it over to Freemont Street tonight. After three shows today, we may not have the energy.
Las Vegas!

Nate and I don't gamble, so we have been spending our time sightseeing and seeing shows. We did lose one dollar in a slot machine, we played it just because it was tiki themed).

Here are some pics

nate at the Venetian (where Blue Man Group and Madame Tussaud's are)

Pyro at the show at Treasure Island

Me in front of the Peter Max Gallery (mom, this photo's for you!)

I think this one is from Caesar's Palace

More pics later!
More pics from the Queen Mary ghost tour!

Nate being scared.

Our group checking out the boiler room.

Fran at the ship's pool.

Chad in the WInston Churchill suite

Trying to feel a spirit (or some crap like that)

Next post...Vegas!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Last week we were in Long Beach. We took a ghost tour on the Queen Mary. Here are the pics.

Vegas pics too come.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Even more pictures!

Here is Nate at the Peterson Automotive Museum.

Amy came to visit us in LA. And we even got to see an old friend from highschool, Brian.

Amy went to Disneyland and California Adventure with Nate and I.

This trailer is going to give Nate and I D-15 flashbacks!

Next wekk. Vegas, baby!
First, my birthday party. Yes, it was pirate themed. And yes, I turned 29. OMG! I can't believe I turn 30 next year!

Josh, Yana, Nick, & Cam

Emily & Britney

Chad & Gig

Kris & McGee

And, just because I didn't have internet access around xmas, here is our xmas card photos for those of you who didn't get one via snail mail.

Picture time!