Saturday, October 11, 2003

El Paso, TX...So Mexico is across the street, and our arena this week isn't really an arena, it is more like a barn. My personal crate is in a stable. An actual stable with hay and everything. It is so awful. The ceiling is so low that we are hung at ten feet lower than normal. Peter Pan is practically flying into the audience's heads. Oh well. Otherwise it has been a good week. TShirt and I talked and worked things out. I forgave him for being a dick, and he forgave me for hitting him. Next week is San Diego. A bunch of people are going to Tijajuana, but that seems to be asking for trouble. I haven't decided if I am going to go or not. I have decided to be a blonde for halloween, since so many of our skater girls are blonde. I am going to get a wig and twirl my hair alot and say "I am a freshman in my fourth year at UCLA, and I want to be a veterinarian cuz I love children". We had our auction at work. Crew all banded together to buy all the new skater girls, there was only one that we didn't get, and that is cuz Sacha bid $305 on her. Tex bought me, but she hasn't said anything yet on what I am going to have to do (cuz technically, she now owns me for three days). Anyway, I am gonna drink a beer and watch a DVD. Bye.

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