Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saw Hitchiker's Guide last night. It was awesome! Great effects and fantastic casting. I still prefer the BBC miniseries, but that's just becuase it includes three books, but it does have cheezy old effects, whereas this was bigbudget so the effects were very impressive. They did leave stuff from the book out, but all the important stuff was there ("Life? Don't Talk to me about life", "Don't forget your towel", etc.)
Then after the movie I went to a party at a friends house. Did a shot of something called a tequila suicide, which was absolutely the most disgusting thing ever. Now, I don't drink much (in fact that's the only alchohal I had all night with the exception of one jello shot), but that tequila suicide shot didn't get me drunk ofr anything, it just tasted like ass. Oh well. Learned my lesson on that one (don't drink something if you don't know what it is, even if it is given to you by the girl who's birthday party your at). Anyway, one of the guys was taking pics at the party and took this cute one of me and Nate.
And yes those are new highlights in my hair, I was bored. I got it thinned out too for the summer.
Anyway, just got home from working Hootie and the Blowfish, and now NO MORE MARDI GRAS!!!! WOO_HOO!!!
Off to sleep.

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