Friday, July 07, 2006

We've seen a few movies lately.

Superman Returns kinda sucked. Besides the whole crystals thing a total rip off of Vonnegut's Ice-9, the script was boring, the direction slow. THe actor playing superman brought nothing original to the part and was just dull. THe effects were cool. THat's really the only thing about it I liked.

Pirates of the Caribbean II was pretty good. Not great like the first one was. Johnny Depp was fabulous. The decfision to have the two stupid pirates from the first movie seemed a poor choice. They didn't advance the plot, and there was plenty of stupid slapstick humor without them. I'll go see the third one when it comes out, but my expectations are definately lower having seen this film.

Next saturday we are going to see Scanner Darkly. Having read the book, I do have high expectations for this movie.

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