Sunday, August 27, 2006

Read this today. It made me cry.

Now I am off to wake up the hubby. Its time to shampoo the carpets. We have an open house today, so lots of cleaning to do.

Hopefully the open house will go well. I keep having people tell me we should rent out the condo, that way we can sell it once the market improves. But at this point its not so much about the money, but the hassle. Owning property while on tour is a pain. What happens if we go to Japan, or Europe? We don't want to still be paying our mortgage. Hopefully it will sell soon. Also, once it sells, we can pay off our credit cards from the wedding. I mean, I loved the wedding. It was beautiful. But I really don't want to spend the next two years paying it off.

I think I want to get my ear pierced. Probably with an Industrial piercing. Not sure though. Its wierd, I have all these tattoos, which are permanent, yet I have no piercings. I'm much more indecisive about piercings. I guess becuase they are not permanent. Doesn't seem worth it to go through the pain, expense, and hassle for something that I will only have for a few years. Plus, I've just seen too many things go wrong (infections, getting jewelry snagged on things, etc.)

I'm very ADD today. My mind just keeps skipping topics. (No, I don't really have ADD, it's just a wierd day).

Went shopping with my mom yesterday. Well, really I shopped and she just drove me around. I got plastic dishes, a rug, new sheets, all for the RV. Today during the open house the dogs and I are going to go hang out in the RV and unpack stuff, that way they won't be jumping around on prospective buyers (esp. since Nani is in heat right now).

I am in the living room right now, on my laptop. Nate nad the dogs are all sleeping in the bedroom. The three of them snore so loud I can hear them. It is so cute.

Off to clean. I'll write more later if I get the chance, I took pics of my last day at work, I just haven't had time to upload them.

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