Friday, October 20, 2006

Ok, so I'm going back a few weeks with this, but I am way behind.

Miami, FL to Wichita, KS...1635.07

Amy drove with us to Wichita.

Here are pics.

First, we went grocery shopping in Miami to stock up on the trip.

We found awesome italian ices for the dogs.

They loved them.

Then we picked up Amy.

We drove through seven states.

Caesar peed on the Georgia sign.

We took turns sleeping through most of the other states.

That's about it for Wichita. Wrestling played the arena the night before us. THere was a gun show next door. Not much there. THere was a really cool fast food place called Spangles that AMy introduced us to. We ate there many times throughout the week.

I will update more pics and stuff tonight if I can. But tomorrow we have three shows, then load out, then the drive to the next city.

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