Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just got finished at the doctor's office. Turns out the cyst on my ovary is almost 5cm (so the cyst is actually bigger than the ovary). So they are going to start messing with my hormones in an attempt to shrink it, if that doesn't work, surgery is the next option.

It was wierd. I have now seen my ovaries on tv. Kinda cool if it weren't for the thought of how the camera gets there. EEEEWWWWW.

Glad that's over.

Anyway, I do have pics to post, but no chance until next week. I go to Puerto Rico on Saturday. I will be there for three weeks. Hopefully, there will be internet access.

After that, I finally get to see my dogs again.
I miss my dogs.

I think I have seen more movies this week than any week in my life. It is the Florida Film Festival. Tonight, we are going to go see the Animated Shorts. Tomorrow, we are planning on three different films (one in French).


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