Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hello everyone!

Not much going on here. Been busy working. Also, I have started walking to and from work. So, hopefully by the time I turn 30 (6weeks!) I will be in better shape.

Hubby is loving his new job. He had to fly home to New Hampshire this weekend for the funeral and he said he was actually looknig foward to going back top work. Says alot considering when we were on tour we usually dreaded having to go to work.

I am busy working on the condo. Trying to figure out what we need still. Still trying to figure out what color to paint the second bedroom and bathroom. I'm leaning toward either a slate blue or a pale yellow. Not sure yet.

Guess thats all for now. Hopefully we will make it to Rachel's Halloween Party but not sure about my work schedule yet. No costumes either. We may just be lame and wear our costumes from last year.

Still selling vintage stuff. CHeck it out! I'll be listing new stuff every couple days. I have way to much stuff in my closet.

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