Sunday, February 08, 2009

I promised pics, so here they are.

This is my hubby with my dad and my two brothers.

Me & hubby at the Rock n Roller Coaster.

Mr. Potato Head in the Midway Madness Que Line.

THe youngest (Aron) & the oldest (me) siblings.

Aron & Dad on Midway Madness. Looking so stylish in their 3-D glasses.

Lights, Motors, Action!

And then the whole reason we were there, to see my sister in her Cheerleading competition. She made the semi-finals. THen today she has the finals (which will air on ESPN) when I know how she did, I'll let you all know.

Cara's the one on the top, farthest to the right.

THats all for now. GTG to work. THen tonight, SLACKTONE at Will's Pub.

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