Thursday, March 05, 2009

I know, I know, I am horrible at updating this thing.

Not much going on. Hubby got interviewed by the local Fox news. We've both been busy working. And fixing up the condo. Now that we're home we are painting and putting up shelves and just enjoying doing all the things we neer had time for on tour.

Working local gigs. Yesterday was Motley Crue. Good show. Too loud. We both did audio for the show, and I must say they had a ridiculous amount of subs. Especially since the arena was not sold out. But we did get to see part of the show (what we could see from backstage) and Tommy Lee was amazingly energetic considering his age.

Anyway, tonight we are going to go see Watchmen. Hubby has been busy reading the book, trying to finish it before the movie comes out.

The dogs are doing great, as always. We take them to the dog park once a week, which they love. Looking foward to the pug groups "Spring Fling" later this month.

Thats it for now. Off to make dinner. Teriyaki Pot roast.

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