Sunday, August 16, 2009

Let's try this again. (I just posted a blog entry from my ibook, forgetting that for some reason, my mac hates my blog and never works. SO I'm typing this from hubby's PC laptop.)

SInce we had time today, hubby and I decided to have a real breakfast, as opposed to our usual "pop something frozen into the toaster" breakfast. So hubby made pancakes, I made blueberry sauce, and we topped it off with banana slices and whipped cream. Yummy!

Here's the recipe I used for the blueberry sauce.
Combine 1pint blueberries with 3/4cup maple syrup in small saucepan. Cooking over medium heat, stirring often to prevent scorching. Bring to a boil. THen remove from heat and allow to cool.

Next time, I'm gonna try to a strawberry sauce recipe I have (that uses vanilla, brown suger, and OJ). It should be delish!

This week is mainly going to be spent packing. ANd going through old stuff. We've decided to have a yard sale, since we just have way too much junk.

On Friday night, we'll be at the Copper Rocket for the Psycho de Villes show.
On Saturday night, we'll be at the Enzian for Repo! The Genetic Opera (with a shadow cast).

THats all for now. I think we're gonna head down to Park Ave today, since the weathers good (and with Hurricane season upon us, figure we should enjoy the good weather while it lasts).

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