Monday, March 08, 2004

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada...Well, I have been online recently. We were in West Virginia, and the hotel charged an arm and a leg for phone calls, then last week we were in Montreal and our show schedule was just crazy, and all the shows were in French. Anyway, not much going on here. Working way too much. Glad to be in Ottawa, cuase the French Canadian Locals in Montreal were really pissing me off. They actually had the nerve to say we should have hired a french translator to call my spot cues. Because "That's what we would have had to do in France" . In France, I could understand that, but I am not in France, I am in Canada. Oh well.
Amy made a quiz on Guess what...I got a perfect score! Let's see if Alie can beat that...hahaha. Anyway, got to go, I haven't checked my email in two weeks so it is a little piled up. Bye all.

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