Friday, April 02, 2004

Hershey, Pennsylvania... Well, everyone keeps emailing me that I need to update my blog. I was trying to wait until we got to a hotel with high speed so I could upload some new pics. But obviously we have been in ghetto hotels that don't believe in the internet (I am going through the phone line to do this). Oh Well. Last week we were in Portland, Maine. Load out took forever. Good locals, but a crappy building where we could only load one truck at a time. At least this week we are in a new building with three loading docks, so it should go pretty quickly. Next week is Savannah, Jenn is coming to visit. After that only, South Carolina then West Palm Beach and I am done. Only problem is, since they moved refurb to August. I now need a ride home from West Palm Beach. If any of you Central Florida Folks reading this are interested, I will pay you to come get me in West Palm Beach (my last show and load out is April 25, I have to check out of the hotel by the 26th). Not only will I pay for your gas and food, but you can see Rats on Ice for free.
Anyway, not too much going on. Last night we had a 3/4 tour party at a loccal bar. Free food, free beer, bad karaoke. Everyone keeps hearing what show they are going to next year. I have heard nothing yet, which means I will probably be on the same show. Whatever, It doesn't really matter to me. Anyway, I just woke up, and since this whole damn town smells like chocolate, I am getting quite hungry.
Bye All.

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