Monday, June 07, 2004

San Salvadore, El Salvadore...Well we should be leave here on thursday (we have load out tuesday night after the show). Then we go to Quito, Ecuador. Nate and I decided to take surfing lessons on our time off, it started out being just the two of us, and now it is a huge group interested and I somehow ended up in charge of planning everything. I hate being in charge. But, I am gonna learn to surf, so that should be cool. After a few weeks off, we have shows in Quito then we have shows in Guayquil, Ecuador. Don't know yet when we are gonna be done and able to go home. Should be either July 20 or 27th depending on when our last performance is. Oh well. Once I get home I got to find a job and a place to live, so I am in no hurry. Although, Nate wants to get a dog once we find jobs and a home, so that should be cool. Never had a dog before, my mom and I always had cats. Anyway, everybody go see the movie FARENHEIT 9/11 when it comes out (I am hoping I will still be able to find it in a theatre at home when I come back to the states).
Anyway, got to go now. I am hungry. El Salvadore is practically the US. They use American money, have burger king, and kentucky fried chicken. Only difference is the language. But otherwise, it is basically America in spanish, with alot of rain, and no air conditioning.

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