Saturday, July 10, 2004

Quito, Ecuador...this weekend is going to suck. Three shows today, three shows tomorrow, then a ten hour load-out. And ten hours is being optimistic. Our load-outs in Guatemala and El Salvadore were each at least twelve hours. Yuck. I will be spending all day Monday sleeping. Recuperating. Then tuesday is our last day here, we leave Wednesday for our next city (also here in Ecuador). The shows have been selling out here, the building is packed every day. The security is really funny though. People keep trying to sell illegal copies of the Disney films our show is based on. Yesterday I got to see security chase down a man with "Lilo y Stitch" DVDs. They were jumping over seats and climbing over audience members. It was pretty funny. In the next city are evaluations. But, since it is also my last week with the company, I am not too concerned. After that, I am done and don't have to listen to Disney music anymore. (And yes, the Disney music is EVEN MORE ANNOYING in spanish!)

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