Wednesday, September 29, 2004

So I just sent off my paperwork to change my voting district. It has to be sent off at least 29 days before the election. So for everyone out there who isn't registered (and for those of you on tour who need absentee ballots) GET OFF YOUR ASS! Everyone in this country need to vote in this election. Make your voice heard. I realize that many people, myself included, do not like either of the two major parties political candidates, but you still need to vote. Choose the lesser of two evils (as I will) or vote for a third party. Go to and register. Tell your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone who will listen to vote on November 2nd.
And, for all you gals out there who feel alienated by all the male candidates, read the following facts, then get off your ass and be heard!
* Fact: If unmarried women voted at the same rate as married women, over six million more voters would have gone to the polls in 2000.
* Fact: 22 Million unmarried women who were eligible to vote did not cast ballots in the election in 2000.
* Fact: 16 million unmarried women were not registered to vote in 2000.
* Fact: 56% of all women not registered to vote are unmarried.
* Fact: 46% of all voting-age women are unmarried.

U.S. Census data and a nationwide survey reveal the following about unmarried women:

1. Unmarried women comprise the largest group of unregistered and nonvoting citizens in the United States.
2. More than any other demographic group, unmarried women describe themselves as progressive, and desire a government that responds to their concerns, specifically about jobs, health care, education, and a woman’s right to choose.
3. Unmarried women overwhelmingly believe that the country is headed in the wrong direction—and don’t think politicians will do anything about it.
4. Unmarried women who are not registered or who do not vote share similar values and priorities to their voting counterparts.

Women on their own can transform American politics.

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