Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Lake Mary, FL... Well, another hurricane is coming. And they say this one is bigger and stronger then the last one. How is it that a hurricane hasn't hit Central Florida in my lifetime, and then now we have two Class4 Hurricanes in less then a month? Oh well. And of course it has to hit this weekend when I had plans. Nate and I were going to go find an apartment. Can't stay with Mom forever (especially since Nate comes back from refurb tonite). Oh well. Maybe we will luck out and the hurricane will turn, it has been known to happen. But if it does hit, I will write again once I can, but if it is as bad as Charley was, then Francis will knock the power out for awhile. But this is the chance we take living in Florida. Now I have to go stock up on ice and water and batteries and stuff. Stay safe everyone, watch out for yourselves, your neighbors, and your pets (Frisky will be in the house with me once the 'cane hits).

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