Monday, May 09, 2005

So, Nate and I went to see Les Miz on Saturday. It was good. And Henry, our old Head Carpenter from DOI, is on that show now so it was good to see him again. When we got home, however, things were not so good. The dog had gone crazy. He pooped upstairs in Nate's room and he also got into the trash and spread it all over the place. It was wierd cuz he has never done anything like this before with us. He thought he was in big trouble, he hid under the bed all night, wouldn't even come up to sleep with us like he normally does. I suspect his previous owner may have hit him, cuz he was terrified of us when he realized he was in trouble. I would never hit my dog. I mean, come on, he is way too cute for that.
Also, wedding plans are coming along. Nate and I are going down to the keys sometime in the next couple weeks to check out sites for the reception (Some places I've called are already booked that weekend, so we really have to get moving). We will find something I am sure.
Happy Belated Mother's Day to all you Moms!

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