Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I am such a geek. Not only do I have tickets to see the first showing of Star Wars at midnight tomorrow night (even though I have to work early the next morning) but I also just downloaded the soundtrack to "Spamalot" (Monty Python on Broadway? c'mon you just can't top that). Anyway. Things around our house have been pretty busy. Nate is working alot. And I have been training at Poseidon. Wedding plans are coming along. I just love the fact that I can do our wedding registry online. (I'm like addicted to PotteryBarn.com now). Next week we were supposed to go to the Keys to check out sites for the wedding reception, but there just isn't time. But, this will give us a chance to see Mark, since he will be done with tour then. Hopefully Mark won't puke when we take him on Dueling Dragons, like Nate's Dad did when he visited.
Watched the uncensored DVD of Team America:World Police today. One of the guys at work brought it in and we watched it between shows. I saw it in the theatres when it was rated R. After watching the DVD, I now know what NC-17 Puppet sex is like. eeewwwww! You know some things, even when just with puppets, should never be done.
Also, this guy I know is in the new Wet n' Wild commercial. The one for the new disco ride. Hahaha. He is like "Disco Dan" and has a bad combover. It's so funny!
That's about all the news for now. Fringe Fest is fast upon us, so those of you in Orlando get your butts in gear. I am going to try to see all I can, especially "Theme Park Diva". You gotta love any show with a "Drug Test Bossanova" sung by Techs.

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