Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Okay. Update on the past two weeks.
Star Wars Ep. III was awesome. I have seen it twice and it rocked!
Work has been busy, I've started working at one of our shows, so had to do training and stuff for that.
Mark I. came to visit us. He's a friend of mine and Nate's from tour. We went to IOA and rode roller coasters, and Mark got to sign our new bathroom wall, which I finally finished painting (I love chalkboard paint). I will post pics when I get the chance.
Went to the fringe festival and saw "Boy Groove" it was so funny!
We are going camping this weekend with a bunch of friends, so hopefully the weather will clear up.
All my fish died this morning. Not sure what happened, they were all alive when I went to bed last night. Then this morning when I went to feed them, they were all dead. I gave them a burial at sea and flushed them all.
I am sick. I have a cold. Not too bad, but really annoying. Severe congestion.
Wedding plans are still coming along. We have hired a wedding planner. We have found sites for both the ceremony and reception, and we are working on finding accomodations now.
Anyway, I need to take more cold medicine, my ears hurt.

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