Saturday, November 26, 2005

I went out last night for my best friend Amy's birthday. Aren't we cute? Nate was nice enough to play designated driver. We went to BarBQ Bar and to Tabu (vip table for the birthday girl even).

My birthday is on Friday.

You know what sucks? Endometriosis. You know what sucks even more? Not having medical insurace and having to go through all this pain without meds. Ouch! I could hardly walk today I was in so much pain. And, I was recently asked if Nate and I are going to start a family once we are married. To everyone reading this, PLEASE DON"T ASK ME STUFF LIKE THAT!!! I have suffered from Endometriosis for many years, and chances are even if I can have kids, it would be a high-risk pregnancy, so don't bother asking me. It just makes me sad, and mad, and miserable.

Sorry for the outburst, but I feel horrible.Pain, disgusting symptoms too numerous to mention, and I can hardly move.

Oh well. I will survive, I have before. Hopefully I will feel better by my birthday.

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