Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's Day is the one year anniversary of our adopting Caesar. So, it is kind of like his birthday. We took him to Bark Avenue Bakery for a Birthday treat.

We also took him to the dog park. He's thrilled by anything that involves a ride in the truck.

Nani likes to ride in the car too. She loves to use me as a jungle gym in the car.

Nani went for a swim. Caesar is terrified of water (he won't even walk through a puddle). But Nani loves a dip in the lake.

Who smells like wet dog?

Caesar has to inspect everything at the park, even the men's room.

Nani loves to lay on the porch and sun herself (she likes it so much we gave her the pillow).

We painted our living room (thanks for the help mom!) Caesar decided to lean against the wall while the paint was still wet.

This is where the dogs spend most of their time. Whenever Nate or I is on the computer, they sit under us.

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