Saturday, April 22, 2006

Three weeks until the wedding. Am I nervous? ABout getting married? No. Not at all. Am I nervous that I have been planning this one day for the past year? Yes. I just keep thinking of all the things that could go wrong. What if the trolley gets a flat tire? WHat if it rains? What if somneone has a party on the beach before our wedding and it looks messy? What if, even though they've been divorced for 25 years, my parents can't get along for one day? What if the flowers/cake/etc look bad? (I did arrange eveerything online or over the phone, since I haven't spoken to any of the vendors in person, I worry about this stuff) What if my dress doesn't fit? What if Nate or I get sick/sunburnt/etc.?

We do have a backup plan in case of rain. But I would much rather get married on the beach.

Okay, okay, time to not stress anymore.

I am about to leave for work. Ten hour shift stuck in the tech booth. At least I was smart enough to go buy a crossword puzzle book so I will be able to stay awake.

Oh, we're done painting the living room. Next day off nate has, we are going to have the floors steam cleaned. After that, we can put the condo on the market.

Anyone out there want to buy a 2/2 condo near Universal?

Off to work. have a good weekend everyone.

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