Friday, May 04, 2007

Good news. No, make that great news...hubby is coming home early! Woohoo!

Since hubby has been gone and I've just been hanging out with my family, I have been wasting lots of time online. Some things I have learned

1) I want to buy everything on especially the Motny Python Killer Rabbit slippers. They rock. (and yes mom, they also have Dr Who stuff like sonic screwdrivers and r/c daleks).

2) I've booked Nate & I a trip to New Orleans for our wedding anniversary. Good food, good music, now I just have to get a new camera (since US Air lost mine) before the trip.

3)I'm also in love with which posts a different pug picture everyday. I can't wait to take more pictures of Nani to send in. So cute!
(pug-a-day is created by the people behind, a great site full of video & pics of two adorable pugs, Roy & Gwen.)

4) I've been told that I spoil my dogs. Maybe I do. They are like my children. But there's spoiled and then there's SPOILED. This website is just too insane.

5) Pugs don't get all the attention. All-Mighty Clothing has great Boston Terrier designs on clothes, jewelry, even household stuff.

6) I downloaded the new Joss Stone album. I highly reccomend it. Between it and Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" I have been listening to some awesome music lately.

That's it for now. The plan is to see Spiderman 3 tomorrow at IMAX.

And don't forget, Sunday is the American Cancer Society's Dogwalk. So please, sponsor me and Caesar, it's for a good cause. Go to for info.

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