Thursday, August 23, 2007

We are in Palmetto, FL for refurb. I have pics to post, but internet is slow, so I won't post very many. We are staying in an RV park this week. It is awesome. Even has a fenced in doggie play area. Wifi is slow here, but at least its free. End of next week we go on to Memphis, TN. It is good to be back at work, but it was nice to have a break, brief as it was.

Highlights of our two week break include:
Getting to see family (Hubby's in New Hampshire and mine in Florida)
Ice Skating with friends in Orlando
Going to the Orlando vs. Jacksonville rollerderby game (Go F***Bombers!)
Buying a "new" car (1987 Dodge Charger)
Dyed my hair (black)
Getting to see friends in Tennessee (including Hubby's godson, Little Nate)
and I got hubby a video ipod so he will stop stealing mine!

Here are pics from ice skating!

Two weeks to Graceland!

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