Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We had our last day off here in Mexico City. From here on it will be work, work, work until we get on the plane. Here are some pics (small, internet is really slow here)

So, to make the most of our day off, we went on a tour. First stop, Guadelupe Church. Site of the Virgin Mary appearance. And one of the holiest places in the world.

Here is Nate with the Pope statue.

Me in front of the doors to the "new" church. (the new church is from the 1970's as opposed to the old church which is hundreds of years old)

Then, we went to the Pyramids. The temple of the moon is being restored, so we could only climb the Temple of the Temple of the Sun.

The View from the bottom.

The View from the top.

Nate and I on the steps up the pyramid.

Then we explored the underground temples.

Haak taught Mike how to floss with a cactus.

Then we had free tequila samples.

And shopping, we learned a stage manager with a sword, is a scary thing.

THat's all for now. Be home next week!

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