Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hello everyone!

Not much news. Have seen two interesting movies lately. First, hubby and I saw "Hellride" at citywalk last night. Dennis Hopper is awesome. The amount of topless women/trashy sex in the movie was way overkill, but the plot was interesting. And tonight we watched "Modify" from netflix. Yeah, I know I am what some people would call "heavily" tattooed, but some of the things in this movie seemed way too extreme for me. Sure, piercings, go fo it. I wouldn't do it, but live and let live. But some of these other modifications people make to their bodies just seem painful and just asking for attention. Oh well. Interesting documentary though.

Today we went shopping. Checked out the antique and used furniture stores. I scored a rattan wine rack for our tiki bar for only $5. We also saw an awesome 1960s era orange velvet sectional sofa that we would have bought if we had a truck. But alas, furniture does not fit in the Charger.

We have made some decisions/plans for the condo, now that we've decided leaving tour is a permanent decision.

1: The loft is going to be our tiki bar. We've already got all the bamboo & rattan furniture up there, we just need to figure out flooring and window treatments.

2: The kitchen is going to be all red 1950s retro.

3: I have a collection of over 50 different rubber ducks, so of course the guest bath is duck-themed. I am thinking blue & yellow. I saw some great rubber duck wallpaper border recently.

Not sure about the rest of the place. Hubby wants to do the living room all Dean Martin-esque bachelor pad. But Im thinking we may want to have at least one normal room in our home.

Oh, we also took the dogs to the dog park today. Nani went swimming, Caesar sniffed alot of butts.

Bye all!

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