Monday, September 01, 2008

Hello. Not much going on here. I saw my family this weekend, for a funeral. Then this morning we found out there was a death in hubby's family too. Neither was a suprise, but sad nontheless. Not my preference for the way to spend Labor Day weekend.

On a more cheerful note, I start my new job this week. I am looking foward to having a normal job where I don't have to travel or work wierd hours.

Hubby just made dinner. Pork chops with mint jelly and bamboo rice. Yummy. It is strange how domestic we have both become since coming home. We never eat fast food anymore, we have a homecooked meal every night. And I cook more than he does now. Usually in the crockpot.

I love the crockpot. Still want to get a bread maker. And maybe a panini grill.

Anyway, we have become boring. But, we kinda like it that way. Most nights we just make dinner and watch netflix. Currently we are working on Heroes (season 2) and after that will be Pushing Daisies (season 1).

I guess thats all for now.

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