Monday, December 01, 2008

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family. More than 100 people were there. Yes, I have one of those HUGE southern families, with third cousins and even fourth cousins. The food was great and it was nice to see everyone, after spending so many holidays on tour in the past. It was Nate's first Thanksgiving with my family. A bit overwhelming I would imagine. I mean, I don't even know everyone there, so how could he? Hubby was quite entertained by the lip-synch though. Its an unusual tradition, but always alot of fun. My family does a lipsynch show every year. Its always hilarious. Here are some pics.

My cousins did the "Blues Brothers" (and yes, that is the same saxophone I played in middle school band)

My Grandparents were absolutely adorable!

Mom did a folksy number (and it was her 50th birthday!!!)

No, I did not lipsynch. Nate and I just cheered everyone else on.

and yes, tonight is the last night of my twenties. Goodbye 29, hello 30.


chas_m said...

Your 30s will be awesome!!

It's the FORTIES that suck. Trust me. :)

chas_m said...

Oops, forgot to comment on the photos.

Your mom -- still adorable, and I can't believe you published her age (not that she's bashful, but). Wow. Must send her a note.

Your grandparents -- how incredibly lucky you are to have them still. I hope you treasure it -- they are pretty unique!

The cousins -- awwwwwww (what else, really, is there to say?)