Thursday, August 14, 2003

Palmetto, FL... Well, my ibook has been down the past week, so I have been kind of out of touch with everyone. Refurb is going well, but it is hotter then hell down here. But it is good to be getting a paycheck again. And this past weekend we went to Lakeland to see the rehearsals for the new show. It looks cute. Monsters Inc. on Ice is a cute show, but man that set is huge, I would not want to do loadins for that tour. Anyway, it was fun, but you know youre back at work when you wake up drunk. Not hungover, but STILL DRUNK from the night before. Oh Well. And Jenn is coming to visit tomorrow, so that will be good. And saturday we are going back to Lakeland to see the Monsters crew again.
So, that was the life update. Now that I am back on line, I will be writing more often. Bye.

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