Monday, December 08, 2003

Rockford, Illinois...Well last week we were in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not bad. I had good locals (they even brought me food between shows). There was a british pub down the street, so we spent a lot of time there. We also went to the Mall of America. Didn't really do much for my birthday. But, I am a quater of a century old and I am still getting carded for rated R movies. Only five years till thirty. Scary.
Anyway, We are in Rockford now. Don't open till thursday. So luckily I have tomorrow off to get some Xmas shopping done. Oh, and speaking of xmas, my mom sent me my old barbie doll christmas tree, so now me and TShirt's room has the holiday spirit.
Also, I just watched HBO's "Angels in America:Millenium Approaches" (based on Tony Kushner's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play). Wow. So good. I highly reccomend seeing it. Al Pacino is awesome. I can't wait to see the next part of it (the movie, like the play, is being shown in two parts).

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