Thursday, January 08, 2004

AURGH! The local union here is driving me crazy. All I wanted to do is go in to work a little early so I can cut some gels for my spotlights. But, to do that, I am required to pay a whole crew of locals to come in with me. Even though I don't need them. But, if I am working, they have to be working. We got hasseled last night after we moved some crates around backstage after the show. The local said we needed to hire locals for that. We have a road crew of a dozen people, and it was just a few crates, it took us five minutes to do; so why do we need locals for that?
Oh well. It is so annoying. I am pro-union, I mean the health care and other benefits that unions work to get is great. But some of these rules we come across on tour are just too extreme. We have to hire a certain number of people, for a minimum of 4 hours each, anytime we are working. Even if we don't need them and we can do the work ourselves. So basically, they get paid to sit around, smoke cigarettes, and eat donuts.
Then there are the locals who try too hard to be helpful. They follow me around, and try to do everything for me. I told my locals to move all the crates off the ice and this One guy at load-in yesterday just follows me around while everyone is working. So I say "Go ahead and help them move these backstage" and he says "They can do that, I am working with you" So I said "No, you are working FOR me. And I want these crates pushed backstage."
Whatever, I also had a guy who wouldn't let me do anything. He would stop whatever he was doing to run across the ice if he saw me pushing or lifting or anything. I finally had to be a bitch about it and tell him that if I wanted his help I would ask for it. If I told him to do something, he should just do what I tell him to do, and if he can't do that, I will transfer him to props (Locals always hate to do props, so it is a good threat)
Anyway, I need to go to the grocery store.

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