Friday, January 23, 2004

Buffalo, NY...Goddamn it is cold here! But, it has been a fun week. On Monday night we all went to a bar downtown, and Rob, Jason, and OJ performed for open mic night. I got pictures, but there is no high speed internet access, so I can't put them online yet. Anyway, Oj just blew everyone away. We all knew he could sing and play the guitar, but nobody realized that he writes his own music and lyrics. It was pretty impressive. Then, last night was Nate's Birthday (33 years old...the second oldest person on tour) so we all went to a bar to celebrate. I was going to go to Niagara Falls, but it is too cold. Anyway, Mom sent me a bunch of Alias on video this week, so I am going to go watch Jennifer Garner kick some ass. Bye.

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