Monday, January 12, 2004

Salisbury, Maryland...Well, Load-out in Hartford sucked, cus once we reached the 5 hour mark the local made us all take a one hour dinner break (even though it was midnight and nothing was open) That sucked. Every other local would just have taken the extra money to work through. Oh well. Then we had a really long bus ride in the snow. Seven hours. We didn't get in till almost ten AM. Anyway. Didn't really do much today but sleep. And go to the Grocery Store. I am rooming with TShirt this week. So , luckily since he can cook I actually get to eat some real food.
I get tomorrow off (it is OJs turn to run power). So, I plan on just being lazy. I reccommend the same to all of you. Everyone needs a day to be lazy.

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