Friday, April 30, 2004

Okay, so I put some pictures of my show up. Just click on "show pic" above. Take into account though that these pictures are not great, since I took them with my digital camera from my spotlight. They aren't too bad though. Anyway, hung out with Amy. Ran into people I haven't seen since highschool. Why do people I haven't seen in ten years, who I was never really that close with in the first place, insist on hugging me? Yuck!
Anyway. Nate flew home today (he has been working on transporting all our shows stuff into containers to ship to central america). So now I can't call him. His house is in the middle of nowhere and there are no cell phone towers there. Oh well. I have his home number, but being as I haven't met his parents, I don't really feel comfortable calling. Oh well. Relationships are great until you have to deal with all the other people.
Anyway, Nate if you read this, I miss you.
For everyone else, sorry about that brief period of sappiness.
Anyway, I have more pictures I need to put up.

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