Monday, August 23, 2004

The worst part about living in Florida, the hurricanes! I have been home for about a week now, but due to Charley sweeping through here, we had no electricity for 5 days and the phone line was out for a whole week. So, this is the first chance I have hide to write anything. But, I do consider myself lucky. We were quite fortunate not to have any major damage. We did lose some trees, but no damage was done to the house. The worst part of the whole experience wasn't even the hurricane, it was having no air conditioning in August. You ever tried to sleep in Florida without AC? I do not reccomend it. But the showers were so cold they could have waked the dead.
Anyway, now that electricity is back on for most of the state, stores are open again and I was finally able to take my ibook into the apple store to be fixed. Hope fully I will have it back in a week or so (thank god for extended warrenties!) I just hope that I don't lose anything off the hard drive when they fix it. I can't exactly replace all my south americ pictures (I'm not likely to be in Ecuador again any time soon). Also, while my imac is cute (purple) it is old and slow. I can't even listen to a cd while playing a game or it works in slow motion.
Oh well. To all of you in Florida, email me please and let me know if you survived Charley's wrath. For everyone else, damn you lucky folks. Anyway, I need to find a job and an apartment now for me and Nate, so wish me luck!

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