Thursday, October 28, 2004

Well, the red sox won the series. (Mark, wipe that grin off your face!) Good for them. They played some great games. And it has been like 80 years or so since they have done this. But next year, it's go time. Yankees will take them down.
I got a haircut yesterday, just below my shoulders. And I dyed my hair back to dark brown (have to look normal for jobs and stuff, how boring).But anyway, I had another job interview at that theme park with the Rat. Two down only one more to go. I have to go back next week for my third interview (this sure is a long process). Not sure how I am going to get there, but I will find a way (if any of you central florida folks don't have plans tuesday and want to volunteer to drive me it would be much appreciated).
Don't forget to vote on Tuesday (unless you are planning on voting for Bush, in which case forget it if you want). I am planning on voting early, since I had to reregister in a new county since I moved and I want to go early in case there are any problems.
Oh well, I need to go. I am actually going to be a goodgirlfriend for a change and do the dishes before Nate gets home from work. He cooks, I clean. That is the deal (and that way nobody ends up with food poisoning). Bye everyone. Oh and I took pictures at work, so I will post them when I get the chance for those of you who can't make it to Halloween Horror Nights.

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