Thursday, October 21, 2004

So, as Mark and Nate and Scott and Tanya and everyone else I know from the Boston area keep reminding me, the Red Sox won. Now I am a Yankee fan, have been my whole life, and thus I despise the Sox. It totally sucks that New York lost. However, I now have a newfound respect for the Red Sox. While I still love the Yankees (and thus hate Boston), the Sox were amazing. That comeback was incredible. I am just glad the pennant race is now over and maybe I can get some sleep. Great games, but way too many extra innings. And as for you Mark (and everyone else), they may have won this time, but Babe's curse is still on the Red Sox, so the World Series? Ha, fat chance. Yankees will be back next season with a vengance.
On a lighter note, tonight Mom and I went to see "Measure for Measure" at Orlando Shakespeare Festival. It was very good. I recommend seeing it to any of you in the area with the time. While I prefer the Bard's tragedies to his comedies, the production was quite good. The actress playing Isabella was wonderful, and Tim Williams (who I worked with on "Much Ado...") was hilarious as Lucio. Plus, who doesn't love seeing actresses billed as "Whore 1" and "Whore 2" in the program. Especially when said "Whores" come give lapdances to the elderly gentlemen in the audience. HaHa. Mom and I have season tickets to the festival and I look foward to seeing many wonderful productions in the future.
Anyway, tomorrow starts another crazy weekend at work (I swear, they should rename it "Halloween Drunk Nights" judging by our audiences. Although the laughs do get better throughout the night as the crowd gets more intoxicated.)

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