Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Alright, just a quick note before I go to work (I am on days this week, so I have to wake up early and take the bus to work). Anyway, not much going on here to talk about. Last weekend I went to the Festival of the Masters at Disney. The sidewalk chalk art was absolutely amazing. But the best thing about going to Disney was getting to eat at Bongo's (I love cuban food). I also saw Rocky Horror at City Walk, their cast, the "Rich Wierdos" is pretty good. Needs some work, but not bad at all. Since Nate was a "Virgin" (meaning he had never seen the movie in a theater with a cast) I figured we should go. This week I have to work all week. But the cool thing about working in decor instead of pyro is that I have been having weekends off. But, decor is so not my thing, I'd rather blow stuff up than set stuff up. Guess I should be going if I want to scarf down some breakfast before work. Bye all!

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