Sunday, November 21, 2004

How come everyone else gets a long weekend for thanksgiving and I don't? Lighting, audio, all the other depatments have friday off but Pyro is scheduled to work? Oh well, I could use the money. Just sucks though.
Anyway, here is my summary of the weekend thus far:
Friday night once I got off work Nate and I went to city walk to see the Incredibles. It was funny, but not really my type of movie (I went cause I had a free ticket). Afterward we went to Cigarz for drinks and smokes. I think it is really odd that Universal employees don't get a discount on alchohal, but we do get a discount on cigars. I found out that the movie theatre at City Walk is going to be showing the original, black and white WAR OF THE WORLDS on December 3,4,5, and 9 at midnight. Everyone should go cause, c'mon when else are you going to get to see it on the big screen?
Yesterday we went shopping at all the vintage stores. Nate got a cool shirt. I didn't get anything. I am too picky, and stuff never fits me right. Oh well. I need to find something cool to wear before the Turkey Run next week in Daytona.
Tonight I am going to Amy's Birthday Party. I am looking foward to seeing Amy, cause we both work so much we don't get alot of opportunities to hang out, but there will be people from highschool there that I really have no desire to see. I hate having to make small talk and pretend I actually give a damn about these peoples lives. Oh well.
In case I don't get a chance to write before then, everyone have a good Thanksgiving. I will be going to Universal Studios (but not to work, I am taking Mom for the day) then I will be eating my free turkey (they gave them to employees at work) that Nate will be cooking (cuz I can't cook anything that doesn't go in the microwave). Give thanks, get stuffed on Turkey, enjoy a long weekend for all you folks getting Friday off (damn you!damn you all!). Oh, and stay away from the malls on black friday if you know what's good for you!

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