Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I need to win the lottery. I am so broke right now and my credit card debt is sooooo high. Why? Because of the wedding. In the past month we have put the deposit down on the house, the photographer, the reception, I bought my dress. Aurgh! This small simple wedding is anything but. So expensive. Nate and I are both close to maxing out our credit cards over this thing. So no more ebay, no more movies, no more buying my dinner at work. I am going to be living on peanut butter for the next six months or so. Nate and I wanted to buy a new couch (we love!) but until the wedding, and for quite a while after it, we will be paying for everyone else to have a good time. Should have just eloped like we originally planned. Oh well. Too late now.
I need to win the lottery. Or get a job that pays more.

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