Saturday, October 15, 2005

Yawn! I am so tired! Halloween Horror Nights is totally wiping me out. My haunted house floods every night, and drunk guests keep assaulting our scare actors (even had one guy get his nose broken). It is crazy. I will be so happy when November hits and all this stuff is over.
Been going crazy on ebay lately. Buying stuff for our bar. We have a tiki bar, so if anyone knows of a good place to get tiki mugs and nick nacks, let me know. Also, we have wallpapered our stairwell with records, I will put pics up of that when I finally have a day off. Looks good, but we still need to get more albums. Have to go back to Rock n' Roll Heaven next time Nate and I have a day off together.

Gotta go now, have to be at work soon.

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