Thursday, January 26, 2006

Here is an update for the coming weekend:

Tomorrow Nate and I have to work. Saturday we are going to the FX Con (hopefully I will get Freddy Krueger's autograph and get George Romero to sign my 'Night of the Living Dead' DVD). If anyone reading this will be there, say hi.

After the FX con, Nate and I will be taking Nani and Caesar to the dog park. The pug play group will be meeting. So look foward to pics of at least 20 pugs!

Saturday night, if we are not too tired, we will be going to see Monster Trucks (Nate's idea, not mine.)

Sunday is back to work.

Tongiht I am missing the Rocket 88 show. Really wanted to go, but have to open at work in the morning, so I have to skip it.

That's about it. Time to eat dinner.

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